PEILE in Guatemala

Our primary local collaborator is PEILE, who has existed since 1992. PEILE communicates directly with the residents of the rural communities about their needs. It ensures local anchorage and ownership and therefore, projects with a large local participation. They have build more than 60 schools in Guatemala and all commenced projects have been finished on time and within the estimated budget (read more about how PEILE and the rural communities build schools). Building Communities has collaborated with PEILE on building two schools (see map). A school in San José Chiaque and a sustainable school in Nueva Esperanza. You can read more about other projects below ‘About our work’.

Other collaborators

In connection with the development of sustainable school, we cooperated with the company eGro, which provided inputs on how to make a school garden. The architects, Malene Hvidt and Lise Guldager, drew the sustainable school.


Overview of the location of the schools that Building Communities has been involved in building:

[Google_Maps_WD id=6 map=3]