About our work

Building Communities is involved in a series of projects. Some projects are financed by Building Communities, while our role in other projects is to help with ideas, leading projects and coordinating collaboration. Here you can see an overview of the projects we are/have been involved in:

Overview of projects

Sponsorship programme: Building Communities has since 2002 been involved in the sponsorship programme where more than 400 children have participated and received an education. At the moment, 56 children are participating on local schools in Quetzaltenango. Read more about the sponsorship programme.
Sustainable school project set focus on school gardens and nutrition in Caserio Nueva Esperanza. The project was developed together with the danish company eGro. A local resident offered 750 square meters of land, and the pilot study was initiated in 2015. The school garden is ideal for experimentation, since the yield from the local residents’ own land plots are vital. The soil is, in many cases, depleted and the local residents sought after knowledge of sustainable cultivation of the land. During the project, various techniques were implemented (e.g. terrace division, use of aromatic plants, natural agents in the control of insects such as chili) in collaboration with the Guatemalan agronomist Saqueo Sicajau. Our role in the project ceased in 2007 and, today, the school gardens are organized locally. Read more about sustainable schools and school gardens. From this project, the idea of medical gardens saw its light, which is an initiative in preparation.
The Education center in Quetzaltenango (also named Xela) create the opportunity to get a craftsmanship certification for children from families with few resources, if they do not want a university degree. There is a possibility for certification as electrician, carpenter and tailor. The center was founded in 2014.
Microcredit aims at helping families who cannot get acceptence for a regular bank loan, and families who have come to grisps. The group also helps with start-ups or further development of companies. This initiative is localized in San José Chiaqué. In the community San José Chiaqué, the women play an important role in how the community is organized and not least in the economy of the family. There is a lot of drive and ideas as to how the living standards can be improved. Some of the ideas which were brought up during our visit in June 2014, were breeding and sale of pigs, and a project of hens with sale of eggs. With the establishment of  the cooperative COOPEILE, there is the possibility to form groups of women that can obtain small loans for the starting up of such projects.
Schools: Building Communities has been involved in building two schools one in  San José Chiaque and one in Caserio Nueva Esperanza together with PEILE.


Watch videos about the progress on a number of the projects in Guatemala:


Building Communities looks forward to more succes stories in the future from some of the poorest areas in Guatemala. We are very happy that some of the initiatives are now self-organized locally.


Our present activities:

(1) Sponsorship programme

(2) Sustainable school and schoolgardens in Caserio Nueva Esperanza

In Nueva Esperanza we have finished the pilot study on the sustainable school and is currently planning a new season for the school garden. The school building collects rain water in order to be used in the school garden. Besides collection of the rainwater, vertical gardens are laid out, compost-making initiated and a small plant school. Read more about the project, status and collaborators.

(3) Medical gardens


Do you want to join?

You can support our work by becoming sponsor of a child or as a company (as company, the information is provided in Danish).

You are also always welcome to call coordinator Silke Mechlenburg at (0045) 26684615 for further information or you can send us an email (silke@buildingcommunities.dk).