Volunteers in Building Communities

Meet Building Communities’ volunteers who make the wheels spin

Building Communities is driven by volunteers, and there is always a need for more helping hands. If you would like to get on board then write a mail to Silke Mechlenburg: silke@buildingcommunities.dk.

At the moment, we are 2 permanent coordinators and 1 translator.

Coordinator for volunteers in Guatemala: Amalie Ingefred
Amilie is a former volunteer in Guatemala and is know responsible for the contact to the volunteers who go to Guatemala. Amalie has been a volunteer in Building Communities since the beginning of 2015.

Coordinator for Building Communities: Silke Mechlenburg 
Silke Mechlenburg received her education in International Development studies and Culture studies from University of Roskilde and founded Building Communities in 2002 after she worked as a volunteer for our collaboration partner, PEILE, in Guatemala.

Lene Dam Jørgensen
Translator: German-danish, danish-german
Lene Dam Jørgensen is educated correspondent in German and French from the business school, and received a bachelor degree in English and Italian business language. Lene is also involved in the organization, Mission Africa, which amongst others work with education and health. Lene has translated for Building Communities since March 2014.