Who are we

Building communities

Small contribution for a big change

Building Communities exists because of passionate people who knows that educational projects can succeed and create a big value. Building Communities was founded back in 2002 by Silke Mechlenburg, who received her education from University of Roskilde, Denmark, in International Development Studies and Culture studies.

She worked as a volunteer for our project collaborator PEILE and experienced how you with few means can provide schooling for children and youth and create better opportunities. When she came back home, she wanted to support the project and the vital work that was carried out. She created Building Communities based on the principle that you can easily help in the immediate area even though you are sitting far away for example in Denmark.

The organization started, therefore, as a one-man project where Silke was responsible for all job tasks. Later on, the number of volunteers increased helping with administration. Today, we have a communication group and a translator group amongst others. Apart from the groups, we have a Board, that are selected for a 2-year time period.


The Board consists of:

Silke Mechlenburg (formand)
Ditte Marie Johansen (næstformand)
Line Windeløv Rasmussen (kasserer)
Amalie Ingefred Davidsen
Michala Holm Faber

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