How we work

The work of Glad i skoleBuilding Communities is based on principles of transparency, simple organization and equal cooperation. We carry out projects that make a difference and we stand by our word.

The money is spend on the children and not on administration

Our expenses of administration are under 4 per cent (3,62% in 2013).
The organization runs both through economic contributions and the work of volunteers. The contributions of the members go directly to the construction of a sustainable school (the on going collection to  sustainable school in  Nueva Esperanza) and the volunteer work in Denmark and Guatemala, that means the money lasts longer. In that way we are all contributing to the projects of education.

Besides that, the organization collaborates with companies regarding sponsorships and direct support to the school projects in Guatemala.

Close cooperation with local organizations

Building Communities works closely with the local organization PEILE. The collaboration is build on mutual trust and respect, and the projects emerge because of present and local wishes and needs. That means that the projects are sustainable because all parties take an active part in them and in the responsibility for the carrying out from beginning to end.

Our job is to ensure the economic support that means that the projects can be carried out. At the same time, it is our responsibility to make sure that the initiatives are completed.

It is important for us that the members can follow the work done through Building Communities, at home as well as on the projects in Guatemala. That’s why we regularly send news briefs with news from the organization, as well as update our Facebook page with stories, pictures and greeting from the kids.