About us


Building Communities is a non-profit organization of education. We ensure schooling for children and youth in Guatemala, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to get an education. Our work is based on the vision that knowledge and learning is the way out of poverty. We wish to create positive and sustainable changes for the individual human being through learning, cooperation and unity in the rural communities.


Our point of reference is education and knowledge, in order to give children and youth the opportunitiy to create a life with more possibilities. Schooling is the most important aspect in the work of Building Communities, but we also aknowledge the importance of life outside the school in order to ensure that the local society as a whole benefits from our projects. Our mission is to contribute to projects, that creates a sense of unity where the villagers cooperate on specific tasks.

Building Communities always collaborates with local organizations, which have the support of the local society.

Values and principles

The close connection between the members, volunteers and children in Guatemala is a basic value in Building Communities. We are a small organization, we support specific projects, and the members always know what the money is spent on.

We believe that everybody can make a difference. The member that supports a child in Guatemala, the volunteer who go abroad and teaches, and the individual child who has an active influence on creating a life with opportunities.

Proximity and openness is among our basic values. That’s why it is important for us to share everyday life on the projects of Building Communities in Guatemala.

You can read more about how we work and how to support our work.