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Through a sponsorship at Building Communities you give children like Alvin Alvarado Martínez (in the picture above) the possibility to go to school and get an education.

Alvin lives with his mother and three siblings at their grandmother’s, Ángela Pérez. The family gets by with the income of Ángela’s small farm. The funds are scarce and it is difficult for the family to pay for the expenses of the school of Alvin.

Your sponsorship pays for the expenses that involves going to school. Among other things, it includes a school uniform, materials for school, inscription fees. Also, the sponsorship covers the costs of doctors and vaccines.

As a sponsor you follow the upbringing of a child, its education and development, and you become an important factor in its life.

If you have a preference in supporting a girl or a boy, then kindly write us after you have signed up.

Become sponsor

40 USD a month
Costs related to schooling
Costs related to basic health services
Reinforcing study programme at the PEILE project
Consultancy and workshops for the whole family