Our impact


373 young people with an education

Through the sponsorship programme of Building Communities 373 young people have obtained an education. 82 are in the process.


COOPEILE – The establishment of an economic co-operative

COOPEILE is one of the initiatives that have been possible to realize with the support of the members. COOPEILE is a micro-credit and savings co-operative, which Building Communties supported in it’s initial phase with funding for registering and the like. The seed capital was funded by the Swiss organization, Verein GUatemala-Zentralamerika and the north american organization, Miracles in Action.


New school in the village Caserio San José in 28 days

Preliminary study

Building Communities visited the village San José Chiaqué in 2010 with our partner organization in Guatemala, PEILE. We were invited to make a pilot study with the inhabitants of the community.

Priority number one for the inhabitants was a new school. The children had classes in an old ramshackled building without electricity or water. All 6 classes were tought in the same room, which made it difficult to follow the lessons in spite of great commitment from both teachers and pupils.


In 2013 we joined the organization Miracles In Action to finance the building of the school. The construction could begin. Miracles in Action financed most of the materials.

School in 28 days

28 days after the construction began, the school was finished and was inagurated straight away. The whole community was deeply engaged in the construction.  It’s hard work because everything is done manually, from digging ditches to mixing concrete. San José is difficult to reach, the road that leads there goes through a flood, steep and winding hillside roads. When the materials for the school construction were delivered, the inhabitants of the community often had to go out before the working day began at 6 am to level the biggest holes in the road.

Returning in 2014

In June 2014 Building Communities returned for a visit. The meeting was held in front of the school that stands as a monument of collaboration and engagement. The inhabitants have many more ideas as to how life in the community can be improved, and now they know that it is them that can make it happen. They see themselves as part of the solution. That is a good fundation to create change.