About our work

Building Communities is involved in a series of projects. Some projects are financed by Building Communities, while our role in other projects is to help with ideas, leading projects and coordinating collaboration.

Our present activities:

Sustainable school and schoolgardens in Caserio Nueva Esperanza
In Nueva Esperanza we are supporting a Sustainable School. The building collects rain water in order to be used in the school garden. Besides the collecting of the rainwater vertical gardens are laid out, compost making and a small school of plants. Read more about the project, status and collaborators.


Microcredit in San José Chiaqué
In the community San José Chiaqué, the women play an important role in how the community is organized and not least in the economy of the family. There is a lot of drive and ideas as to how the living standards can be improved. Some of the ideas which were brought up during our visit in June 2014, were breeding and sale of pigs, and a project of hens with sale of eggs.
With the establishment of  the cooperative COOPEILE there is the possibility to form groups of women that can obtain small loans for the starting up of such projects. Read more here about the project and status.


The securing of a school and sustainable farming in Comaj Pericón
In Comaj Pericón the school is in danger of a land slide. The school lies halfway down a mountain, where there has been cut trees up on the hill side. With the current method of cutting trees, the village is in danger of land slides. Moreover, the earth will be impoverished with time because of erosion. Therefore, a possible project could be to re-plant trees/a fence up the hill side and other methods to prevent erosion and land slide while at the same time securing that the earth is not impoverished. Read more about the project and status


Do you want to join?
You can support our work either as becoming sponsor of a child.

You are also always very welcome to call coordinator Silke Mechlenburg at (0045) 26684615 for further information or send us an email.