Micro credit in San José Chiaqué

Micro credit in San José Chiaqué
Commitment and ideas
During the visit of Building Communities and PEILE in Juni 2014 we spoke with Angela Yolanda Gramago, Amaria Janeth Artínez Pérez, Emérida Reyes, América Gómez Reyes and Amida Dominga López, among others, (on the picture below from left to right), which all are involved in the work of the school board. They suggested, among other things, to start a project with a small poultry farm or a production with pigs.


Micro credit for launching of projects
In the rural districts, start-up capital can be given, through the co-operative bank COOPEILE and their micro loans. When a loan is granted through COOPEILE, the project has already been examined to make sure that it is profitable in the long term. The need for education, in this case in sustainable poultry farming, has also been considered. When a loan is granted, a programme of savings is also is set up, so that future investements, fully or partially, can be financed through savings intead of loans.

COOPEILE is in charge of the contact to the groups, examination and monitoring of the loans, and the centre of education (Centro de formacion Quetzaltenango) handle the education.

COOPEILE is in the process of establishing their micro credit programme. After that there will be held an information meeting in San José, in which the women interested organize themselves in groups and define thier project.