Advisory Board

Building Communities cooperates with a series of experts, which make up our Advisory Board. Every member offers their professionalism and expertice.

Advisory Board
Anne Skare NielsenAnne Skare Nielsen
Anne is partner in Future Navigator and a leading “futurist”. She works with changing of the prevalent way of thinking in companies, organizations and other communites. Among other things she also devote herself to working with visions of the future school.
Anne helps Building Communities to clarify goals and the way to achieve them.
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Carina Heckscher

Carina is an expert in networking and advises both private persons and companies through lectures, mentoringcarina_heckscher_bogforside, courses, and workshops.

Carina advises Building Communities about how we can join in mutual benifitting networks and how we can create visibility of out results.
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Laust Kehletlaust
Laust is a director of  SEO-Nørden and works with SEO (search optimizing) of all kinds. He knows what is new in search algorithms, linkbuilding and onlinemarketing.
Laust advices Building Communities about online-partnerships and our place on the big internet.
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Pernille Korzon Dünweber
Pernille works with branding and recognizibility in corporate communication. It is personalized because she puts herself in the costumors place and from there finds what trickers the receiver.

Pernille helps Building Communities to streamline the processes of communication and put focus on the strategic initiatives of the organizations.

We update continuously when more people join our advisory board.